erin taylor kennedy Video Editor

Building the Wall  (short documentary, 21 mins)

Directed by Margarita Jimeno


Robert Schenkkan’s Building the Wall delves into the world of what could be, delivering a powerful warning and putting a human face on the inhuman. Part of the National New Play Network’s Rolling World Premiere, this play produced at the Fountain Theatre allows us to take a look at where we are now as a culture in the United States by sharing a story of how we explore our differences.

Working in the Theatre takes a look inside this production with the help of writer and Undocumented Activist Jose Antonio Vargas (CEO of Define American) to discover how we can tell these stories on stage for the betterment of our society.

“Theatre, of course, is about bringing together very disparate groups of people, during which they share a story. A story about themselves, about their society, about their culture. And in the sharing of that story, hopefully they learn something about themselves, they are provoked to think more deeply about themselves, to ask better questions, and to leave in some fundamental ways, altered and perhaps more open to the possibility of change.” - Robert Schenkkan