erin taylor kennedy Video Editor

Directed by Joey Garfield

Series description:
This weekly show explores the .001% of the population who earn a living in ways that makes the other 99.999% remarkably jealous. People like marijuana critics, waterslide testers, and ice cream flavor-inventors. The jobs you WISH you had.

Job Goals: Doug the Pug  
TRT: 10:44 mins

Leslie always loved pugs when she was younger. When she started posting photos of herself with her dog Doug, she quickly realized the pictures of Doug solo were getting crazy hits. Having worked as a music artist management assistant handling PR for record labels, she used her skills and started Doug The Pug IG account. Doug has become the “It” dog of Instagram with millions of followers.

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Job Goals: Jennifer Daniels
TRT: 8:05

Before becoming the person that creates Google's emojis, Jennifer Daniel always wanted to be a clown when she grew up. It was the first time she realized that making people laugh and sharing a collective experience could be an actual job. Following her philosophy that nothing in life is a straight path, she took her passion in art and found an outlet in a tech company that ended up having a global audience.

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Job Goals: House of Yes
TRT: 10:26

Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova started their careers by hosting circus-themed parties with a dark/sexy vibe in NYC venues. They soon realized they were a one-stop shop who understood building sets, costuming, choreographing aerial movement and producing/casting. They brought all of these elements together into one and created House of Yes, an experiential nightlife collective.

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Job Goals: Jim Denevan
TRT: 17:47

When Jim Denevan launched Out Standing In The Field, an experiential dining event in collaboration with local farms, in 2006, they only had 123 guests. This year, they have sold over 17,000 tickets. They adapt their approach to conditions and location and decide menus within a week of the event, creating an “on the fly environment” that inspires chefs to challenge themselves all to the pleasure of their diners.

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