erin taylor kennedy Video Editor

Expansive Technology (short documentary, 26 mins)

Directed by Margarita Jimeno


The use of expanding technology such as AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) in theatre today is encouraging and presents wonderful challenges to storytellers throughout the world. Watch as we follow the teams of Krzysztof Garbaczewski of Dream Adoption Society and the creative visionaries behind Frankenstein AI at The Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab develop, demonstrate, and perform with new technology that enhances the audience experience and shows us all what is possible in the next generation of storytelling.

“There’s a power to being in a live performance and working with other live human beings. There’s a power to being embodied in a space. All of that stuff hasn’t changed since the origins of theatre; it’s still the same root desires and the same root aesthetics we see. But, if we can take that and we can add the effects of technology, then we can open up theatre to possibilities of interactivity that were simply not possible before.” – Nicholas Fortungno, Designer, Narrative Designer.